A Nation of Death.

This world doesn’t really belong to people like me. It belongs to beautiful people who want to share their voices, share their art, and share themselves. Life is for people who love it.

Life is for people like this:


It is not for those endlessly ruminating, and who think rather than act. It is for humans such as these who live with themselves and love without shame.


Apparently the bullet-riddled bodies of twenty first-graders wasn’t enough for the people of this country. Maybe enough blood has been spilled, at last? I’d offer some facts about the steady increase in mass shootings after the lift of the assault weapons ban in 2004 but that would hardly deal with the issue. What is needed is a massive alteration of the American conscience, enough to counter the moral insanity that twists the religious freedom of one into the subjugation of another and pretends fearful, craven men to be of great valor.

Any nation could be expected, with some rare probability, to produce individuals who are capable of things like this, but recognize there is something specific about the mass hysteria and culture-bound psychoses of the United States that turn the deeply disturbed into the profoundly dangerous. This is something I’ve written about here before.

Maybe some people don’t like how the world is changing. Maybe for some people this is all going to fast, and they don’t know how to keep up and get comfortable with all of these people being themselves.

Well too fucking bad. We’re not going back. Nobody’s going back. We’re not going to have transwomen stabbed up on the goddamn metro. We’re not going to have people pay the price of their lives for the radical act of going out to dance. Orlando shooting survivor Angel Santiago:

Let these sentiments join with those offered elsewhere in these days and contribute to the sea change which is so needed:

Let something be done to bring an end to this. Silence is complicity, and prayers and condolences do not suffice. To offer these when a clear course of moral action is available is an act of cowardice. Let this blood be enough.


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